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If you're wondering why you don't sell enough or how to reach an audience that will fall in love with your brand or how to get them to sell high-value tickets, you're in the right place.

At Explora Digital Marketing we focus on designing strategies tailored to your needs with a practical method so you can get progressive results. 

We provide you with personalized and constant advice to help you conquer your space in the digital universe.

Why trust explora

We are like you, ENTREPRENEURS

We develop your ideas to give your business the care it deserves, so you can increase your sales.

We consolidate your online presence integrating: Digital Advertising, Consulting, Interactive Social Media Content Creation, Virtual Events, Personal and Corporate Branding.

Get to know our solutions

We have tailor-made plans to help you build and propel your business reputation and credibility.

Digital Marketing

We plan your Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.


We manage appropriate strategies activating campaigns to attract traffic and increase your sales, placing your customer at the center of importance, with a good use of Keywords, Ad Groups and Segmentation.

Social Media Strategy

We organize your Social Networks to allow the expected feedback from your audience.

Social Networking

We activate your presence in the social networks that are important to your audience. We set up your conversion pixel. And we ensure engagement and interaction with your audience.


We build the visual identification of your Personal or Corporate Brand with focus on printed and digital pieces.


We design with creativity and strategy the visual identification of your brand from the creation of the name to the different applications that will give it value and personality.


We create irresistible websites and motivate your audience to interact with your brand.

Web Development

Your website is your own space, the virtual environment where your business will have a solid connection to show your products and services. We provide Domain / Hosting / Responsive Web Development WordPress / SSL / Mail.


We make your customers make MATCH with your brand and generate leads to make them loyal over time.


We take care of Customer Relationship Management, building a relationship of trust to help you develop a bond throughout the buying process of your customers.

Content Creation

We create and design the communication of your brand, to build your reputation and credibility.

Value Content

We do Content Marketing, Branded Content and Storytelling with relevant value to nurture usefulness and propel engagement and interaction with curated and competitive design.

Virtual mentoring

Ideal for MYPES
$ 25 00
Current diagnosis
Ideas de mejora
Personalized consulting

Consultoría Digital

Online Marketing
$ 479 00
Marketing Plan Development
Follow-up Calendar
Material de Stock
Plantillas de Diseño
Results Analysis and Optimization
Reunión virtual semanal / 1 hora

We help you convert more sales

We work on a real mentoring plan with personalized consulting, ensuring the correct diagnosis of your current venture, to focus on the path to your business success. You will have tools and resources to optimize your business. 

We give you more value for a good price.

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